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OBS: adding the new distribution as a build target.

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 18.11.2011

Some of us build packages not for fun only, but also because it is a part of daily work. If you are and for any reasons you can’t build packages on http://build.opensuse.org (for example, due the license), you install your own OBS. In this case you will be responsible for all support and configuration stuff. Sounds difficult? I will say there is just one thing where I have a problem: addition of the new distribution as the necessary purpose for building. For example, if I installed my OBS a few months ago I can’t build packages for openSUSE 12.1, which was released a few days ago. Installing a new OBS is not the best solution in this case: you need some time for installation/configuration process and you have to move all projects there. If you need some packages for a new distribution(s) as a build target, just edit the file /srv/www/obs/api/files/distributions.xml:

<distribution vendor="openSUSE" version="12.1" id="opensuse-12.1">
 <name>openSUSE 12.1</name>
 <icon width="8" height="8" url="https://static.opensuse.org/distributions/logos/opensuse-12.1-8.png"/>
 <icon width="16" height="16" url="https://static.opensuse.org/distributions/logos/opensuse-12.1-16.png"/>

and reboot OBS/MySQL/WebServer:

rclighttpd stop
rcobspublisher stop
rcobsdispatcher stop
rcobsworker stop
rcobsscheduler stop
rcobssrcserver stop
rcobsrepserver stop
rcmysql stop

rcmysql start
rcobsrepserver start
rcobssrcserver start
rcobsscheduler start
rcobsworker start
rcobsdispatcher start
rcobspublisher  start
rclighttpd start

So you can teach your OBS build packages for new distribution.

Of course a new OBS 2.2.96 (from Tools:/Unstable/openSUSE_11.4) has many sweet and interesting things which I also want to have at home. But at work, where stability is most important, I “update” OBS also like this.
Good luck and happy packaging 😉


openSUSE ART :: Release party poster

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 24.10.2011

Actually I’m not a designer and such tools like GIMP or Inkscape are terra incognita for me. But if you are going to organize the Release Party you MUST be designer a little bit 🙂
(thanks for helping my colleague Valentyn).

16th November at 19 o’clock just follow us in Nautibar (Theaterstraße 8, Göttingen).

Dark fresh beer, kicker and openSUSE 12.1 wait for you 😉

openSUSE 12.1 Release Party :: Göttingen

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 20.10.2011

I’m going to organize a release party in Göttingen/Germany. I don’t know so many SUSE-fans or Free Software evangelists in this city, but it will be great to see you there.
openSUSE 12.1 Release will be in 4 weeks (November, 16th 2011).

So, what is release party about? Well… like usual: Linux geeks meet together, speak about features and news in SUSE and Free Software world, drink beer and… of course have a lot of fun 😉
Right now I don’t know how many people will come and can’t say more about party (location, time… or something like this).

If some of us want to meet together, please contact me (so quick as possible).

openHackWeek 7

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 29.09.2011

This week is special… and not for SUSE’s employees only, but also for the openSUSE community. A lot of ideas from the openFATE will be implemented on this week.
What’s about myself? Well… as you know I don’t work for SUSE anymore. Now I work for company in Göttingen, which use GNU/Linux and Free Software in industry sector. Xplace provide open solutions, for example, at POS terminals in almost all European countries.

As a new employee in xplace I suggested couple new ideas about xplace’s software development model. Actually it works very well, but my idea was to add Open Build Service like the most convenient and powerfull development platform. So, after some discussions I installed OBS and added some xplace’s projects there. On this week I builded new packages for all available distributions and made a small demostration/talk about OBS for xplace’s development team. I introduced how easy it works and how we can to upgrade our development model. We use Jenkins as well, so I wrote small python script, which synchronizes those systems: we get new packages via OBS after every stable build of Jenkins.

I think this initiative will attract new developers to use build.opensuse.org, learn about packaging and build packages for different distributions. And of course like developer and openSUSE member I want to use at work convenient Free Software development platform and… continue to promotion openSUSE project 😉

free books

Posted in books, openSUSE by anaumov on 25.09.2011

The Free Technology Academy (FTA) is a joint initiative from several educational institutes in various countries. It aims to contribute to a society that permits all users to study, participate and build upon existing knowledge without restrictions.

On FTA’s page you can find free books (all of them are under a Free Copyleft license), which can be interesting for some of us, I guess.

openSUSE :: Fluxbox

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 21.05.2011

Fluxbox is a highly-configurable window manager for the X Window System that was based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. It has full of features to make an easy, and extremely fast, desktop experience.

Fluxbox requires less time for booting and uses considerably fewer system resources than, for example, KDE or GNOME. This suited for situations where system resources, especially memory, are very limited. I use Fluxbox on my ASUS EeePC 701: 900 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM and yes – only 4 Gb HDD :/
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openSUSE 11.4 Release party :: Nürnberg

Posted in Events, openSUSE by anaumov on 18.03.2011

Like usual, after 8 months of work we met again. Met to celebrate the next openSUSE release, to discuss this release and oS project, to drink a beer with other from the community and of course to have a lot of fun 😉

In this time we met not in the SUSE headquarters like usual, but in Bar Artefakt, which is in the historic district of Nuremberg. Live music and a lot of Old Toad have created a very pleasant atmosphere for communication and relaxing.

I would like to say thanks to Henne Vogel and Boosters team, who organized this party, and also to everybody, who help to develop and contribute to openSUSE project and thanks to whom openSUSE 11.4 turned out so good!