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QuckLisp: how to use my own local changes?

Posted in Lisp by anaumov on 04.12.2018

One of the first beginner’s questions regarding using QuickLisp is – how to build some Common Lisp project and to see the effect of the local changes if this project is already in the QL-repository? The problem is – each time, when you try to build such project, QL will try to download sources from its repository and that means that local changes will be ignored. First you will maybe try to change the build configuration asd-file, right? This is the wrong way.
In QuickLisp blog I found one post about The Quicklisp local-projects mechanism. One of the goals of this mechanism is to override libraries Quicklisp does provide. Namely, the solution is just a PATH of such projects, i.e. you just should to clone your git-repo into ~/quicklisp/local-projects directory. That location tells QuickLisp to use local source tree and doesn’t use some remote QL-repositories during the build process. You don’t need to change some asd-file or something like that. Good luck and don’t forget to have a lot of fun with Common Lisp 😉


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