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Posted in Events, GNU/Linux, openSUSE by anaumov on 08.02.2018

The Free Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2018 happened over the weekend. FOSDEM is a fantastic conference where Free Software enthusiasts from all over Europe can meet together at once a year (more than 17000 MAC addresses were registered this time). I really like its clearly unique atmosphere. As usual, 2 amazing days in Brussels, Belgium…

The reason why I visit it again and again. It charges you. When you see all these developers, visit these talks/presentations, have so many conversation with contributors, get innovation ideas that are shared there. It motivates you to get a copy of The Linux Programming Interface & TCP/IP Guide and hack away your amazing Linux software 🙂
Most of the talks were recorded. That’s nice, but by watching it online you just get information, by visiting these talks in person and taking part in discussions, you get much much more.

This time I was there together with my LiMux colleagues from Landeshauptstadt München. By the way, as you maybe know, we’re going to share as much as we can until Munich migrates to Windows (unfortunately, because of bureaucratic reasons making software freely (share it) sometimes is not so easy as we want).

Like in last year FOSDEM was held in so-called “developer rooms”. First I planned to visit devrooms such as debugging tools, DNS/DNSSEC and security + encryption. That was my target when I planned my program. But as I noticed later I was not the only one who had the same plans to visit the same talks, hacking sessions and open discussions 🙂 That led to the free-places-problem in the devrooms and it made my program a bit more dynamic than I planned first 🙂 But get it right – that was absolutely no problem for me. Outside we also had very interesting conversations. I met ex-colleges, friends whom I knew from mailing lists and IRC only and of course a lot of openSUSE contributers.

I would like to thank FOSDEM’s staff, everyone who made it happen, who helped to organize it (I’m definitely going to send a feedback to you guys). Thanks GitHub for free coffee. Keep it going 🙂 I also have to say thanks for openSUSE’s Travel Support Program. It supports me to visit this amazing event (and not for the first time!). I’m going to visit FOSDEM again next year. My photos can be found here. See you next time 😉


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