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Google Cloud Summit 2017, Munich

Posted in cloud, Events by anaumov on 12.12.2017

OnBoard meeting at Google on 20 November sparked interest in me in Google Cloud Platform. After this event, having considered that again and collecting everything together at home, I got some new questions about this platform. That was not only technical questions. That was interesting to know about plans for developing, what developers think about its platform itself, how they compare GCP with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in general, what customers think about it and why they move its data to GCP, how secure is it, and how can I be sure that my data in the cloud will not be analyzed, and what happened if, for example, some employee upload some personal confidential data by mistake. There are a lot of questions, actually. Google Cloud Summit 2017 in Munich was organized exactly to answer on these.

All presentations were spited into four parallel sets. Thus, you could better orient yourself and could know better what to expect from this or that talk/presentation. Technical talks include not only HOWTOs about integration your infrastructure with an Google Cloud, but also how exactly “under the hood” components communicate with other. GCP includes few Free Software components like Docker and Kubernetes, so talks about there components, where Google shared its experience, attracted a lot of attention of DevOps people.

There was few places where you could ask Google developers about technical things like architecture in general or compatibility with some extra components or, for example, does Google has some plans to open the source code for GCP? 😉
By the way, with this topic – opening the source code for everybody, I got the luck – I met there one developer who spend some time to develop OpenStack in the past. He explained about some problems with OpenStack like, for example, maximum limits for amount of instances (VMs) deployed at same time, that GPC doesn’t have. I don’t want to put technical details here, but I’m going to test it. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy to play with cloud at home 🙂 It needs at least small datacenter if you want to test such things like maximum capacity, how scalable is it, how easy you can scalable it, etc. But if we’re talking about GCP, we will need not just a datacenter, but Google’s datacenter… Yes, unlike OpenStack, GCP is a proprietary software – it’s not available for downloading at all. Again, Google and its customers doesn’t see that as a problem: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services also proprietary, so what?

There were also few stands where Google’s employees share information about specific topics like Google training program, GCP and bigdata, etc. I spent some time to inform myself about possibilities to prepare and take the exam and get certificate in Munich. Cloud is a very sexy topic today and it’s not just interesting, but I guess to have Google certificates can be very useful in case you can find new good employer.

As a conclusion I would like to thank Google for a very good organization summit. I also would like to see more Open Source components in GCP. This is my wish. In my opinion this will be a big-improving-quality-step.
Thanks again and see you next time 😉