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Google Cloud Platform: OnBoard training in Munich

Posted in cloud, Events by anaumov on 22.11.2017

Yesterday Google invited everyone who is interested in cloud technology to its office in Munich. Cloud OnBoard is a free, full-day training event, where Google introduces its “Google Cloud Platform”. Well… what can I say… That was amazing. Well organized, well presented. I love it. I never worked with GCP before. This event included not only in-depth technical presentations about every part of the platform, but also demonstrations, examples, questions and exercises for participants.

Google Cloud Platform includes not only typical cloud parts that has, for example, OpenStack, but also supports BigData components. Yes, it’s compatible with API of Hadoops ecosystem. That was a nice surprise for me. When I visited some Cloud or BigData events or workshops I asked myself all the time why these technology can’t be merged. I missed an easy way to add new nodes to the Hadoop-cluser that could to analyze installed already components and add needed components to the new node of the cluster automatically. That’s exactly where cloud used for. On another hand, that will be very useful to analyze data about existing cloud on the cluster and change/reconfigure a cloud if it’s needed automatically.

Some features are sill under development, but all what was presented is very impressive. Just one thing makes me sad: some components of the platform are proprietary software 🙂 It makes platform unusable to hack and learn it in depth at home… On the other hand, Google is trying to create community around an platform and open the source code of some components like gcloud or Google App Engine. Some technologies used inside an platform like Docker and Kubernetes are 100% Free Software.

At the end everybody got certificates. Thanks for that!

Google Cloud Platform training accelerates your understanding of and ability to use the Google Cloud Platform services. By the way, today OnBoard meeting find the place in Google’s office in Hamburg and in 2 weeks I’m going to Google Cloud Summit 2017 in Munich. See you there 😉


Google Wind… I miss you so much in Munich :)

Posted in humor by anaumov on 21.11.2017