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GNU Screen v.4.5.0

Posted in GNU/Linux, openSUSE by anaumov on 18.01.2017

I’m proud to announce the release of GNU Screen v.4.5. This time it’s mostly a bugfix release. We added just one new feature: now it’s possible to specify logfile name by using parameter -L (default name stays screenlog.0). Myself also spent some time to make source code a bit cleaner.

As you probably noticed we were going to release 4.5 until Christmas. Unfortunately, we could not do it because of some internal GNU problems. I apologise for that.

As usual, we merged some community patches from our bug tracing system (small patches also were presented in IRC) and I would like to thank everyone who contribute to Screen and helps us to test development git-version!

For openSUSE users: I updated our devel-package already. It’s soon in factory and, as usual, after openQA routine new package will be available in Tumbleweed.