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FOSDEM: Coping with wide impact changes in a distribution

Posted in Events by anaumov on 08.02.2013

Finally published the FOSDEM presentation about changes in a distribution. It’s a very popular topic now. Next release of openSUSE will not have so many new features as, for example, last 2 versions, but in spite of this many users are waiting for changes in the kernel of our distribution (like replacement for an old familiar, established and stable mechanisms (openSUSE is migrating to the use of systemd for the upcoming 12.3 version, given the difficulties that emerged in trying to co-maintain two different init systems (SysV + systemd)) or maybe another just not well tested systems. Some of us are quite closely monitor changes (beta to beta) and are active in the openSUSE-factory and openSUSE-packaging MLs discussions and IRC. They use it as an always up-to-date development and testing platform. For another, who make update after the official release only, this presentation is VERY recommended.

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