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openSUSE :: Common Lisp Packaging Guide

Posted in Lisp, openSUSE by anaumov on 19.11.2012

About week ago Andreas Jaeger started discussion about packaging guidelines change process.
The packaging guidelines regulate all the nitty gritty details of packaging for the openSUSE distribution. There are general rules, rules about legal aspects of a package, about specific package features and about specific package types.

Until now we haven’t official rules for Common Lisp packages. For this reason I created a new page about it: Lisp Packaging Guidelines. You can find there rules and a bit information about Common Lisp packaging related stuff. It is still not official! I would like to invite all of openSUSE packagers and Lisp developers to join discussion about this and find the most interesting, correct, handy and optimal rules for openSUSE distribution (please discuss before change something in wiki).


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