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openHackWeek 7

Posted in openSUSE by anaumov on 29.09.2011

This week is special… and not for SUSE’s employees only, but also for the openSUSE community. A lot of ideas from the openFATE will be implemented on this week.
What’s about myself? Well… as you know I don’t work for SUSE anymore. Now I work for company in Göttingen, which use GNU/Linux and Free Software in industry sector. Xplace provide open solutions, for example, at POS terminals in almost all European countries.

As a new employee in xplace I suggested couple new ideas about xplace’s software development model. Actually it works very well, but my idea was to add Open Build Service like the most convenient and powerfull development platform. So, after some discussions I installed OBS and added some xplace’s projects there. On this week I builded new packages for all available distributions and made a small demostration/talk about OBS for xplace’s development team. I introduced how easy it works and how we can to upgrade our development model. We use Jenkins as well, so I wrote small python script, which synchronizes those systems: we get new packages via OBS after every stable build of Jenkins.

I think this initiative will attract new developers to use build.opensuse.org, learn about packaging and build packages for different distributions. And of course like developer and openSUSE member I want to use at work convenient Free Software development platform and… continue to promotion openSUSE project 😉


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