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Embedded World 2011

Posted in Events by anaumov on 03.03.2011

The Embedded World Exhibition&Conference is the world’s biggest exhibition of its kind and the meeting-place of the international embedded community. Embedded technologies are in action everywhere -whether in the car, data and telecommunication systems, industrial and consumer electronics, military systems or aerospace.

So, what’s Embedded World about? A lot of companies introduce one’s new embedded technologies. There are not so much about software development, most of those things are about embedded systems. Companies are showing some exciting new demos of how can be used one’s tehnologies in the, for example, telecommunication or industrial systems.

The main thing that happens on exhibition/conferences is learning. It’s very interesting and not important whether this theme is familiar for you or not. It’s always interesting to learn something new and embedded system was really new sphere for me like for software developer. I was surprised at how many of these systems use GNU/Linux + Qt.

You can meet there such known companies like IBM, Intel, AMD, Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia… You can talk to their employees. I think this is a good opportunity to learn about the company’s strategy or about on their new technologies.

For me was interesting to learn about the use of Open Source making in industrial systems. As I saw a lot of small companies prefer GNU/Linux (or maybe Kernel only) and such free licenses like BSD and GNU/GPL.

There is another reason why people like to come to such exhibition/conferences: it’s called ‘having fun’. I am not sure what is that about, but it have to be great 🙂


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