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Vacation: Gleiberg

Posted in fun, myself by anaumov on 30.06.2010

Gleiberg is a small town on the hill near Giessen. There is a castle on this hill. This castle was my target for the second week of my vacation in Hessen. I was there before, I visit this place every time when I’m in Giessen. Between these cities are 4 km (or something like this), but I went on foot there and back.

Sure, for many people from another part of world castles in West Europe are very interesting places. For example, I’m from St-Petersburg (East Europe) and there we have no castles… we have a lot of palaces, but they are different.

It’s not just a historical place, it’s more like something romantic 😉

It was destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War in 1646. It wasn’t rebuilt because of it’s lost military importance.

There are 2 groups of castles: really disturbed (destroyed) and restore (rebuild). In restore castles can be, for example, hotels or restaurants today. Not restore castles are just for tourists. Gleiberg refers to both. It means there is a destroyed part and in second part there is a small restaurant: after a long walk there is a place where man can refresh oneself (beer for € 2,-).

I like such walks which lasts whole day. Especially if you visit such sights.
Here you can find more photos.

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